domingo, 11 de setembro de 2016

Forgive me

It is by chance that people come into our lives
But it is no accident that they remain
Forgive me for not being perfect
I am so sorry...  that I can not fix everything
I'd give anything to go back in time
And have done with none of this had happened
I'd give anything for you
If I could go back, even though nothing was as it was before
Just to say looking in your eyes
How much I needed you
It would be enough for me
See you from afar, already makes me happy
I do everything for you to stay well
Even for that I needed out of your life
I want you to know
I loved You
Forgive me for sometimes not leave you alone
I wanted so badly that you understand me
I always loved you since the first time
It's so hard to forget you
Ah ... if I could go back
Even if everything were different
To be able to find you and say what ever told
It would be enough for me
See you from far, already makes me happy
And I wish you to get well
Even for that I need out of your life
I need you to know
I love you
Open your eyes, do not miss seeing
Things always change
As we also changed...
We changed a lot
And today I feel so much your lack
You were all I ever dreamed
The best days of my life, shared with you
Moments that did not last long
But it were worth for eternity
I love You
I love You so much
Do not be sad to have finished
Smile because it happened
What does not end ...
It is because it never started
Life is overcoming