sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2017

O Senhor Deus me ensina o que devo dizer...

O sofrimento e a fidelidade do servo de Deus
4 O Senhor Deus me ensina o que devo dizer a fim de animar os que estão cansados.
Todas as manhãs, ele faz com que eu tenha vontade de ouvir com atenção o que ele vai dizer.
5 O Senhor Deus me deu entendimento, e eu não me revoltei, nem fugi dele.
6 Ofereci as minhas costas aos que me batiam e o rosto aos que arrancavam a minha barba.
Não tentei me esconder quando me xingavam e cuspiam no meu rosto.
7 Mas eu não me sinto envergonhado, pois o Senhor Deus me ajuda.
Por isso, eu fico firme como uma rocha e sei que não serei humilhado, 8 pois o meu defensor está perto.
Alguém tem uma causa contra mim?
Então vamos juntos ao tribunal.
Alguém quer me processar?
Que venha e apresente a sua acusação!
9 O Senhor Deus é quem me defende, e por isso ninguém poderá me condenar.
Todos os meus inimigos desaparecerão; serão como um vestido que as traças destruíram.
10 Escutem, vocês que temem o Senhor e obedecem às ordens do seu servo: se o caminho em que andam é escuro, sem nenhum raio de luz, confiem no Senhor,
ponham a sua esperança no seu Deus.
11 Mas vocês que acendem uma fogueira e se armam com flechas incendiárias, todos vocês cairão no fogo que acenderam e serão mortos pelas suas próprias flechas.
O Senhor mandará esse castigo; um sofrimento horrível os espera.

The Lord God gives me the right words

God's Servant Must Suffer
4 The Lord God gives me the right words to encourage the weary.
Each morning he awakens me eager to learn his teaching; 5 he made me willing to listen and not rebel or run away.
6   I let them beat my back and pull out my beard.
I didn't turn aside when they insulted me and spit in my face.
7 But the Lord God keeps me from being disgraced.
So I refuse to give up, because I know God will never let me down.
8   My protector is nearby; no one can stand here to accuse me of wrong.
9 The Lord God will help me and prove I am innocent.
My accusers will wear out like moth-eaten clothes.
10 None of you respect the Lord or obey his servant.
You walk in the dark instead of the light; you don't trust the name of the Lord your God.
11 Go ahead and walk in the light of the fires you have set.
But with his own hand, the Lord will punish you and make you suffer.


The loving forgetfulness!

I now, - What an outcome!
I do not even think about you anymore ...
But I never leave
To remember that I forgot you?


In solitude in the twilight of dawn.
I saw you in the night, in the stars, in the planets,
In the seas, in the sunshine and at dusk.
I saw you yesterday, today, tomorrow ...
But I did not see you at the moment.
I miss you

The Moonlight

The moonlight,
It is the light of the sun that is dreaming
Time does not stop!
Longing is what makes things stop in time ...
... the true verses are not for wrapping,
But to shake ...
The great sadness of the rivers is that they can not take your image ..

"If you forget me, just forget me very slowly"

"Time does not stop! Only the longing is what makes things stop in time ... "

Mario Quintana

See you Rosa ...

See you Rosa ...
Unique ...
I see you in my dreams ... Woman.

(Unknown author)

Thank You!


I will let die in me the desire to love your eyes that are sweet
Because nothing I can give you, but the hurt of seeing me eternally exhausted.
However, your presence is anything like light and life
And I feel that in my gesture there is your gesture and in my voice your voice.
I do not want to have you,  because in my being everything would be finished
I only want you to arise in me like faith in the desperate ones
So that I may carry a drop of dew in this cursed land
That stayed on my flesh like a stain of the past.
I will leave You ... and you will go and touch your face on another face
Your fingers will join other fingers and you will blossom for the dawn
But you will not know that the one who harvested you was me, because I was the great intimate of the night
Because I leaned my face in the face of the night and heard your loving speech
Because my fingers locked the fingers of the mist suspended in space
And I have brought to me the mysterious essence of your disorderly abandonment.
I'll be just like the sailboats in the silent ports.
But I will possess you more than anyone because I can leave
And all the lamentations of the sea, the wind, the sky, the birds, the stars
It will be your voice present, your voice absent, your voice serene.

Vinícius de Moraes

Miss you...

I miss everything that marked my life.
When I see pictures, when I smell,
When I hear a voice, when I remember the past,
I miss you...

I miss friends that I never saw again,
Of people with whom I have not spoken or crossed ...

I miss my childhood,
Of my first love, of my second, of the third,
Of the penultimate one and of those that I will still have, God willing ...

I miss the present,
That I did not take advantage of everything,
Remembering the past
And betting on the future ...

I miss the future,
Which if idealized,
It probably will not be the way I think it's going to be ...

I miss who left me and whom I left!
Of who said that
And did not appear;
Of who appeared running,
Without knowing me right,
Of whom I will never have the opportunity to know.

I miss those who left and I did not say goodbye!

Of those who have not
How to say goodbye;
Of people on the opposite side of my life
And that I only saw in a glimpse!

I miss things I had
And others that I did not have
But wanted very much to have!

I miss things
Which I do not even know existed.

I miss serious things,
Of hilarious things,
Of cases, of experiences ...

I miss the puppy that I had one day.
And who loved me faithfully, as only dogs are capable of doing!

I miss the books I read and that made me travel!

I miss the albums I heard and that made me dream,

I miss the things I've lived
And those I let pass,
Without total enjoyment.

How many times I feel like finding ... I do not know what ...
I do not know where...
To rescue something that I do not even know what it is or where I lost ...

I see the world spinning and I think I might be missing you
In Japanese, in Russian,
In Italian, in English ...
But what my longing,
Because I was born in Brazil,
Only speaks Portuguese, although, deep down, it can be polyglot.

In fact, they say that one always uses the mother tongue,
Spontaneously when
We are desperate
To count money ... to make love ...
Declare strong feelings ...
Wherever in the world we are.

I believe that a simple
I miss you
Or whatever
How can we translate saudade into another language,
Will never have the same strength and meaning of our word.

Maybe it does not spell correctly
The immense lack
What do we feel about things?
Or loved ones.

And that's why I miss you the most ...
Because I found a word
To use every time
In which I feel this tightness in the chest,
Half nostalgic, half yummy,
But that works best
Than a vital sign
When you want to talk about life?
And feelings.

It is the unequivocal proof
That we are sensitive!
That we love so much
What we had
And we regret the good things
That we have lost throughout our existence ...

Clarice Lispector