quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2017

We are what we feel ...

It's like the song says: "In so many ways that I can be, I'm sure one of them will please you ...". But who said I want to please you? And who said no? If things are not always as they seem to be, sometimes they are. Exactly how. That simple. Or not ... Who am I? I can be many things, I can speak many others so that, suddenly, you have a vague idea of ​​who I am. And? I can lie, hide, exaggerate, wander, deceive ... But how could I tell you, really, who I am in simple words? I could even try, maybe create a concept about myself, about who I was, about who I can be. But the point is that I do not fit into a single verb, nobody fits ... It is not a question of being, and then I could say that it is a question of being, but the human being is much more than that (being,  Remain, become ...). I could even try, in all sincerity, to define myself. If I believed in definitions, maybe I would try. I do not believe! I do not try! Define is label. And people do not fit into labels (some even ...), closed concepts are only for people who cling to every form of convention. They label themselves, conform to what is said "normal", do exactly what they expect from them, stop living. I believe in the feeling, in the gesture, in the affection, in the people I love and never want to lose, in the accelerated heart every time "that" person looks at you, and a simple touch of that one makes your whole body shake, I believe in complicity, in the Intimacy that only two people who really have waited for one another can have, I believe in the immediate affection and the identification that appears at the first moment, in the delivery of face undoubtedly, I believe in the strength of the words and in the silence of the look that shouts wills within Of people, I believe in the silly moments or the most serious moments, in the head chat or in that conversation without any pretension in which we speak what the mind comes to us without the fear of appearing to be "idiots", I believe in all those "little things" that of so Fools could not be wiser, that from so simple gigantic become when we see each other in the other, small-huge moments that make us want to remain forever in someone. I believe in what I feel, and just ... Because what determines who we are is what we feel, the people that surround us, and the moments we spend with them. People, gestures, affections, moments make us "BE". Frustrated when by fear, cowardice, pressure, obligation, or whatever it may be, even by what we do not understand or by what we think is noble, we fight against what we feel, we stop cultivating moments, we silence longings, we repress wills, (Our essence is lost when we do the opposite of what our heart feels and wants) ... Because it is not only who we are, but what we feel, the way we choose, where We want to reach and, above all, the people we want to be there, to share our best and worst moments. So do not let people who really matter to you get out of your life, never let that lack the gesture, the affection, the hug, or simply the look, that little word that in a minute can change everything. Rebuild what was thought lost. Never allow fears, obligations, impositions, and lack of attitude to keep you from living what you have always hoped for. People and stories get lost all the time. Do not lose yourself. Do not miss out on who you've always wanted. Wait your time, but do not let the time pass. Do not risk too much. They say there is only one moment to be happy: now! I know it's not that simple, although I'm so reluctant, I know that some things can only happen in the aftermath (it takes a cycle to close completely and another to open up completely, I know! Is this the right time for things? No doubt! The key is that we do not let such a moment become lost in so many "after" moments. Let us know how to do this ... Take ...!

(Cris Light)