sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2017

Sense of life

Often enough just be:
Lap that welcomes,
Arm that wraps around
Word that comforts,
Silence that respect.
Joy that is contagious,
Tear that runs,
Look that caress,
Desire that satiates,
Love that promotes.
And this is not something from another world, 
It is what gives meaning to life

Cora Coralina


I sing because the moment exists
And my life is complete.
I'm not happy or sad:
I'm a poet.
Brother of fleeting things,
I feel neither joy nor torment.
I go through nights and days
in the wind.
If I fall apart or if I build,
If I remain or I undo,
- I do not know I do not know.
I do not know if I stay or I go.
I know I sing. 
And the song is everything.
Has eternal blood the rhythmic wing
And one day I know I'll be speechless:
- nothing more.

Cecília Meireles

Woman Soul

Nothing more contradictory than being a woman ...
Woman that think with the heart, 
Acts by emotion and wins by love.
Who lives millions of emotions in one day
And transmits each of them in a single look.
Who charges of herself to perfection and lives 
Making excuses for mistakes, of those she loves.
Who lodges in the womb other souls, gives birth 
and then she is blinded by the beauty of her children.
Who gives wings, teaches to fly, but does not want to see the birds go away, 
even knowing that they do not belong to her.
That is all embellished and perfumes the bed, yet
your love even realize more such details.
That as in a magic transforms in light and smile the pains that she feels in the soul,
Just so nobody can notice.
And you still have to be strong to shrug for those who need them to cry.
Happy the man who for a day knows,
To understand the Woman's Soul!

(Lucinete Vieira)