terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

All my Love

Let your tear wash the salt of the pain of all our eternity.
May the present pain that wants to appear sore be softened by your serenity.
May I discover that you are the gentle breeze that calms the wind I am.
May you reveal yourself as the dreamed companion
To face daily life, but also be the secret accomplice
Of the sidereal flights of my uneasy soul.
Join me and be the sweet part of my fierce heart, calm me in you.
Rarity, delicate flower to which I have dedicated my frank affection in my existences.
I have cultivated you as a depository of my sincere affection, precious in my heart.
You are the purest seed I nursed in the arid lands of my old heart.
Thus, among many flowers, I seduce for you body and soul;
I shelter only you.
If you do not believe or doubt my words,
Sees the sincere confession of my gaze.
If you distrust the volubility of my temper,
Unravel the peace I keep for you.
If you fear my impetuous dreams, look up at the sky and find our star.
You see with what charm it shines!
It is the fire of your eyes, it is the light of your tenderest tear.
It is the brightness that animates me, which gives me patience and perseverance,
That makes me alive.
And if in my words you have difficulty judging me,
Do not judge me, just trust in your heart and you will see that you are part of me and I of you.
And so to be, so to speak, I also want to be the flower of the garden of your intimacy.
I want to be the star that lives the promise with which you cherish your best dreams.
And for this I propose an alliance:
I also give you a tear of mine.
A droplet that does not represent sadness, but emotion of the joy of having you.
And that, I hope, is the antidote to the downward curve
That wants to sprout in your smile, saddening the face that inspires me,
Taking from me the possibility of being happy.
For it is in you that I keep the oasis of pure water to face the desert of this world,
Charming that aroused the ardor of my first summer,
The heat of primitive passion.
The first flower that awakened my taste for the springs, promise of fulfillment.
Soft breeze that I dream to have by my side in the fall of the leaves of my fall moment.
Burning flame of soul that I hope to be with me at the end of my long winter.
I love you for the sacred love I have kept through you.
Therefore, I say to you:
Cherish your old warrior with your infantile joy, companion of many ephemerities, divine grace of my eternity.
Gilberto Brandão Marcon