domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017

Four Hands Sonnet

 All of love that exists in me has been given.
All that speaks of me of love has been said.
From nothing in me, love made the infinite
That by far made me enslaved.
So prodigal of love I was poor
So easy to love I was banished.
Every vow I made rose to shout
Against my own give too much.
I have given of love more than I could
In this my poor human heart
Of this eternal love of mine did not give before.
For if by so much giving I made a mistake
Better off giving and receiving
To live the life of love without harm.

Vinicius de Moraes and Paulo Mendes Campos

Limits of Love

Damn I'm loving you
At my limits
Until exhausted and more wanting
A total love, free from fences,
Say goodbye to me, suffered,
In the direction of another love
That you think total and total will be
At their limits of life.
Love is not measured
For the freedom to exhibit in the squares
And bars, without hindrance.
Of course this is good, and sometimes,
But if you also love in another way, uncertain,
And this is the mystery:
- unlimited love is sometimes limited,
Forbidden is that love sometimes breaks free.

Affonso Romano de Sant'anna


For a long time I thought that absence is lacking.
And pitied, Ignorant, the lack.
Today I dont regret It
There is no lack in absence.
The absence is a being in me.
And I feel It, white, so close, snug in my arms,
Who laugh and dance and make merry exclamations,
Because absence, this assimilated absence,

No one steals it from me anymore.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Loving you is a thing of minutes

Loving you is a thing of minutes
Death is less than your kiss.
It's so good to be yours that I am
I at thy feet shed
Little left of what I went
It's up to you whether it's good or bad.
I'll be whatever you think is convenient.
I will be for you more than a dog
A shadow that warms you
A God who does not forget
A servant who does not say no
Your father died, I will be your brother.
I'll say the verses you want
I will forget all women.
I will be so much and everything and everyone
You'll be disgusted that I am this
And I will be at your service
While my body lasts
While I run in the veins
The red river that ignites
When you see your face as a torch
I will be your king your bread your thing your rock
Yes, I'll be here.

Paulo Leminski

Fidelity Sonnet

Of everything, to my love I will be attentive
Before, and with such zeal, and always, and both
That even in the face of the greatest charm
Of It, be more enchanted my thought
I want to live it in every moment
And in its honor I must spread my song
And laugh my laughter and shed my tears
To your regret or your contentment
And so when you look for me later
Who knows death, the anguish of those who live
Who knows the loneliness, the end of who loves
I can tell you the love (I had):
May it not be immortal, since it is flame
But let it be infinite while it lasts.

Vinicius de Moraes

Sonnet of Total Love

I love you so much, my love ... do not sing
The human heart with more truth ...
I love you as a friend and as a lover.
In an always different reality
I love you in the same way,
And I love you beyond, present in longing.
I love you, at last, with great freedom.
Within eternity and every moment.
I love you like an animal, simply,
A love without mystery and without virtue
With a massive and permanent desire.
And to love you so much and often,
Is that one day in your body suddenly
I will die of loving more than I could.

Vinicius de Moraes