sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

" A new love "

" A new love "

And suddenly ... (looks incredible)
- everything from before, no longer exists
does not matter...
A new love, love,
It's always a new world
that starts!
No matter what experience you had
Or that you believe to have,
Nor this intimate and useless conviction
That nothing else could in your life
Surprise the heart ...
No matter the route
The conquered,
Or what was previously desired
By your sailor heart,
- a new love
Everything starts from the ground ...
It's as if you open your eyes to life.
In that instant,
As if nothing had been ...
Born with a new love! And you will live again
The dazzling mystery
Of what will happen, as if it had never
Nothing else remains,
Yesterday was a night that passed,
- today is what matters, is what you will live ...
A new love, it's a party,
It's a new joy ...
A new love, love, it's a new day.
That is going to be born

                                                               JG de Araujo Jorge                                                              


Lord, make me accept
My poverty as it always was.

I do not feel what I have not.
I do not regret what could have
And got lost in wrong ways
And never came again.

Give, Lord, that my humility
Either as the desired rainfall
Falling down,
Long dark night
In a thirsty land
And on an old roof.

May I thank you,
My narrow bed,
My poor little things,
My house on the floor,
Stones and reeded boards.
And always have a beam of firewood
Under my mud stove,
And light, myself,
The cheerful fire of my house.
On the morning of a new day that begins. "

Cora Coralina


Senhor, fazei com que eu aceite
minha pobreza tal como sempre foi.

Que não sinta o que não tenho.
Não lamente o que podia ter
e se perdeu por caminhos errados
e nunca mais voltou.

Dai, Senhor, que minha humildade
seja como a chuva desejada
caindo mansa,
longa noite escura
numa terra sedenta
e num telhado velho.

Que eu possa agradecer a Vós,
minha cama estreita,
minhas coisinhas pobres,
minha casa de chão,
pedras e tábuas remontadas.
E ter sempre um feixe de lenha
debaixo do meu fogão de taipa,
e acender, eu mesma,
o fogo alegre da minha casa
na manhã de um novo dia que começa.”

Cora Coralina