quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2017

I am as you see me...

I am as you see me... I can be light as a breeze or strong as a wind, it depends on when and how you see me pass ... I suppose that understanding me is not a question of intelligence but of feeling, of entering into Contact ... I have a very prolix soul and use few words, I'm irritable and I hurt easily. I'm also very calm and forgive myself.

I never forget. But there are few things I remember ... I have enough happiness to be sweet, hard to be strong, sad to be human, and hope enough to be happy. Do not give me right formulas, because I do not always hope to get right. Do not show me what you expect of me, why I will follow my heart. Do not make me be who I am not. Do not invite me to be the same, because I am truly different. I do not know how to love in half. I can not live a lie. I do not know how to fly on my feet. I'm always myself, but I'm sure I will not be the same forever ... I'm a daughter of nature: I want to get, feel, touch, be.
And all this is already part of a whole, of a mystery.
I am one ... I am a being ... the only truth is that I live.
Honestly, I live.

Clarice Lispector