domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017

Loving you is a thing of minutes

Loving you is a thing of minutes
Death is less than your kiss.
It's so good to be yours that I am
I at thy feet shed
Little left of what I went
It's up to you whether it's good or bad.
I'll be whatever you think is convenient.
I will be for you more than a dog
A shadow that warms you
A God who does not forget
A servant who does not say no
Your father died, I will be your brother.
I'll say the verses you want
I will forget all women.
I will be so much and everything and everyone
You'll be disgusted that I am this
And I will be at your service
While my body lasts
While I run in the veins
The red river that ignites
When you see your face as a torch
I will be your king your bread your thing your rock
Yes, I'll be here.

Paulo Leminski