sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2017


The loving forgetfulness!

I now, - What an outcome!
I do not even think about you anymore ...
But I never leave
To remember that I forgot you?


In solitude in the twilight of dawn.
I saw you in the night, in the stars, in the planets,
In the seas, in the sunshine and at dusk.
I saw you yesterday, today, tomorrow ...
But I did not see you at the moment.
I miss you

The Moonlight

The moonlight,
It is the light of the sun that is dreaming
Time does not stop!
Longing is what makes things stop in time ...
... the true verses are not for wrapping,
But to shake ...
The great sadness of the rivers is that they can not take your image ..

"If you forget me, just forget me very slowly"

"Time does not stop! Only the longing is what makes things stop in time ... "

Mario Quintana