quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2015

Intercession "Peace on earth!"

Father, my brothers are being slaughtered!
The land, it soaks with the blood of my friends ...
Their homes, women and children are being violated!

Creator of heaven and earth,
Listen, Lord fear of our children ...
Dissipates, our means the root of this war!
In thy innocent, was banned hope!

Prosperous, the nation what reached out ...
For the afflicted sheep, what wander in the wilderness!
Our daughters, need shelter, and our children's bread!
And our men recognize no one put close!

The pain, their anguish arrows are what hit us in the chest!
And you, my Lord, we are so small in this world!
Small and imperfect ...
Bombs and bullets enclose us in less than a second!

Thou art above everything and everyone!
Father of life, beloved of my soul!
Help your people !!!
Above, the prophets and religions, we are all souls ...

Works of your hands!

And thou, O Lord the difference is not enough!
Not all the strength, the earth reaches your place!
Alone, awaits us in the afterlife, is involved in such war ...
Father of all creation come to help us ...


Lourisvaldo Lopes da Silva