quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2016

Find Me

Find Me

Find me
Find me deep within the soul’s chasms
Find me
Find me within every morn’s gentle kiss
Find me
Find me within the dark night’s mysteries 
Find me 
Find me below the earth 
Roots twisting and turning searching for life

Find me
And look for me
Look high, high into the heaven’s universe vast
Look, look within the clouds floating
Fluffy white or dark with storm’s breathing breast
Find me
And search for me
Search within the star’s twinkle
Flash to flash, light to light blinking
Shooting flame to shooting flame ‘s passions
Find me
And swim, swim to me
Swim the seven seas, 
Dive, dive into wild oceans pearls whispering
And walk, walk to me
Walk the desert’s drifting dry sands calling, 
Dance caravan’s seductive murmurings 

Find me
Find me for I am waiting,
Always patiently waiting 
Century upon century 
Epoch to epoch
Hoping beyond all hope
Loving beyond all that came before me
Know me, know me
Feel my pulse’s rush
For I am light
For I am life
For I am hope and dream
For I am true, forever true
For I am breath, eternal breath
For I am, I was, and I shall forever be
The gift of love
Find me

Sheila E. Jackson ©
S.E.J. 1/12/16
All rights reserved