quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2016

God... I'll tell you that, It was worth...

I do not understand your ways
But I will give you my song
Sweet words I will give you
Uphold me in my pain
And that brings me closer to You
Closer to your ways

And around every corner
On top of each mountain
I do not look for crowns
Or the fountains of waters

Desperately I seek you
Frantic, I believe
The sight of your face
That's all I need

I'll tell you
That will be worth
Yes, it will be worth

The big day will be arriving
When you and I
You and I, we will find him
In that day
And you and I, you and I
Sing in one voice, to Him

Lord, it was worth
I shall I sing to my Lord

When the big day arrives
I will sing,
Jesus, yes,
Jesus, It was worth,
Live for You
Die for You