terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2016

Some reasons to love you.

A man loves not only the beauty of a woman, but what she has of more imperfect. 
He loves her legs, mouth, hair, secret parts, instincts and desires, but also love her  PMS, her bad mood and her home dictatorship.
The man loves the woman's dreams, sighs and delusions, loves every move, every torment that her presence or absence can cause us.
Man can love every step of the woman, every path she chooses, each target that she draw, he will follow ... and if it is to lose, he will dispense the sun, the compass, and the most modern GPS.
The greatest desire of man is to lose yourself for a woman. This has nothing to do with issues of sexuality, lose yourself in this universe is to discover the mysteries of the most beloved creature ever created.
Not that the man wants to uncover her secrets, this is not the goal. Already we would be pleased to participate minimally ball that makes up the female dreams.
When a man decides to love a woman, it does not solve, finds himself in a situation of checkmate! The woman won!
The man who says not love any woman only masks their true and what is inevitable.
The man can love several women throughout life, but just one will always have him in her hand.
There's no how to avoiding being of her, somehow she made me come here, right where she wanted.
I got to where you hoped I was and...if you have not seen me is because it was a little late.
You have been or will be one that had me and or you will have to hand, will be the most beautiful and full of secrets that I know ... the more surprising when I think you've forgotten me, and most predictable when you need of my embrace.
And that's why I always say I love you, no surprises, always predictable ... simple, LOVE YOU!

Pedro Hermes