quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2016

I understood

I understood that to live is to be free ... That to have friends is necessary ... That to fight is to keep alive ... That to be happy just want ... I learned that time heals ... What hurts passes ... What disappointment does not kill ... That today is reflection of yesterday ... I understood that we can cry without tears ... That the true friends remain ... What a pain strengthens ... That to overcome great ... I learned that dreaming is not fantasizing ... That to smile has to make someone smile ... That beauty is not in what we see, but in the That we feel ... That the value is in the strength of the conquest ... I understood that the words have strength ... What to do is better than to speak ... That the look does not lie ... That to live is to learn from the mistakes ... I learned that everything depends on the will ... That the best Is to be ourselves ... That the SECRET of life is to LIVE !!! "
"And one of the things I learned is that one should live in spite of. Although, one should eat. Although, one should love. Although, it must die. Even it is often the same even though it pushes us forward. It was despite the fact that it gave me an unhappy anguish that was the creator of my own life. "

Clarice Lispector