domingo, 6 de novembro de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 51

 "They look after of the wound of my people as if it were not serious"

That would be the first sentence of this page directed to a person, and suddenly ceased to be, I have no idea what will happen going forward, but I write each line based on what I live ... today!
So God gives me evidence that He is near, He hears us and that we are tested every minute of our lives, then I remember ... one that went down was an angel, who with me up this time not come down.
As a human being I feel, we all feel, the question is, feed or not. That's what I try to pass to all the victims of Marcelo Ramos, I beg all of them do not let hatred invade because there is only one way to drive out the darkness is through the LIGHT!
I read a Marcelo Ramos message to a person, and the way he acts with the victims, he makes those calls friend, manipulating, using emotional that person, the game is the same, nothing changes, if the person is the father, he uses her son, vowing to make the other believe their lies, a true sociopath.
Marcelos Ramos made a big mistake, use the name of God, and he will pay for it. It will be something so great that you will no doubt it was our Father who acted in all His glory. And I'll be here to tell.
Today the word of God was this, just confirming that I had to wait and change all the text that would have to be posted yesterday and I could not finish.

Trust the Lord
1   You rulers of this earth should love justice; you should do what is right and keep the Lord in mind.
2 The Lord will answer your prayers, if you trust and don't doubt.
3 Our deceitful thoughts separate us from God, and by putting God to the test, we make fools of ourselves, 4 because Wisdom won't live with deceitful slaves of sin.
5 A pure mind and self-control won't let you be deceitful; you will reject foolish thoughts and hate injustice.
Our Words and Thoughts Are Known to God 
6 Although Wisdom is friendly, she will still hold you guilty if you speak evil of God.
Even words spoken in secret and our most private thoughts are known to God, 7 because the Spirit of the Lord is everywhere in this world.
His Spirit holds it all together and hears every word.
8 And so liars will be judged and then punished — 9 their evil plans and deeds will be discovered, then reported to the Lord, and they will be sentenced.
10 Nothing can escape being heard, not even a faint grumble.
11 So stop all useless complaining and fault-finding. 
Even a faint whisper can cause a problem, and lies are deadly.
God Created Us To Live
12 Don't invite death and destruction by living like a fool.
13 God did not create us for death, and when we die, it doesn't make him glad.
14 God created all creatureswith life that continues.
All living beings should keep on living untouched by deadly poison, because the Kingdom of Death doesn't rule this world, 15 and justice lives forever.
Evil Thoughts of Evil People
16 The words and deeds of evil people are an invitation to death.
They think of death as friendly and desirable — they are partners with death, just as they deserve.

Page 51