sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2016

The world without women!

The world without women! 

The guy makes a fucking effort to get rich for what?

The guy wants to be famous for what?

The individual mesh, do exercises for what?

The truth is that the woman is the man's goal.

All I wanted to say is that man lives for the woman.

They live and think about women all day, their whole lives.

If the woman did not exist, the world would not have gone ahead.

No man was going to do anything in his life to impress another man, to win a man like him, with a mustache and everything.

A world of men alone would be the great mistake of creation.

The old saying used to say that "behind every successful man there is a great woman."
The saying is old. Today I would say that 'in front of every successful man there is a great woman'.

It is you, woman, who drives the world ..

It is you who has the power, not the man

It's you who decides to buy the apartment, the color of the car, the movie to be seen, the vacation spot.

Blessed is the hour when you left the kitchen and, successful, stood in front of all the men.

And, if you're reading this here is a man, try to imagine your life without any woman.

There in your house, where you work, on the street. Only men.

Have you thought?

A wedding without a bride?

A world without mothers-in-law?

Anyway, a world without goals.


1- Their smell is always delicious, even if it's just shampoo.

2- The way they have to always find the right place on our shoulder, our chest.

3- The ease with which they fit in our arms.

4- The way you have to kiss us and suddenly make the world perfect.

5- How lovely they are when they eat.

6- They take hours to get dressed, but in the end it's worth it.

7- Because they're always hot, even if it's doing thirty degrees below zero out there.

8- How they always look beautiful, even jeans with a T-shirt and ponytail.

9- That subtle way to ask for a compliment.

10- The way you have to always find our hand.

11- The glitter in the eyes when they smile.

12- The way you have to say 'Let's fight no more, no ..'

13- The tenderness with which they kiss us when we make them delicate.

14- The way we kiss when we say 'I love you'.

15 Thinking it over, just the way we kiss is enough.

16- The way they have to throw themselves in our arms when they cry.

17- The fact that they give us a slap thinking it will hurt.

18- The way of saying 'I miss you'.

19- The longing we feel for them.

20- The way your tears have to make us want to change the world so that nothing else causes them pain.

(Arnaldo Jabor)