domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2016

Today He wants to remind us ... The decision is ours!

11 Do not say, "From God comes my sin!" For God does not do what He detests.
12 Do not say, "He hath induced me!" For God does not need the wicked.
13 Every error is abominable, and the Lord hates it: therefore those who fear it can not accept it.
14 From the beginning God created man and left him in the hands of his own decision.
15 He has given him commandments and precepts and understanding to do what is pleasing to him.
16 If you want to keep the commandments, they will keep you; If you trust in God, you too will live.
17 He set fire and water before you; For whatever you want, you can reach out.
18 Before the human being are life and death, good and evil; He will receive whatever You choose.
19 The Wisdom of the Lord is immense, He is strong and mighty, and sees all things continually.
20 The eyes of the Lord are toward those who fear him; He knows all the works of the human being.
21 He commanded no man to act as a wicked man;