sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

You need a good and dry place, To speak...   it's forever


14 Israel, I, the Lord, will lure you into the desert and speak gently to you.
15 I will return your vineyards, and then Trouble Valley will become Hopeful Valley.
You will say “Yes” to me as you did in your youth, when leaving Egypt.
16 I promise from that day on, you will call me your husband instead of your master. 17 I will no longer even let you mention the names of those pagan gods that you called “Master.” 18 And I will agree to let you live in peace—you will no longer be attacked by wild animals and birds or by weapons of war. 19 I will accept you as my wife forever, and instead of a bride price I will give you justice, fairness, love, kindness, 20 and faithfulness. Then you will truly know who I am.
21 I will command the sky to send rain on the earth, 22and it will produce grain, grapes, and olives in Jezreel Valley. 23 I will scatter the seeds and show mercy to Lo-Ruhamah. I will say to Lo-Ammi, “You are my people,” and they will answer, “You are our God.”