terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017

Cruel people tell lies

Justice Will Rule
1 A king and his leaders will rule with justice.
2 They will be a place of safety from stormy winds, a stream in the desert, and a rock that gives shade from the heat of the sun.
3 Then everyone who has eyes will open them and see, and those who have ears will pay attention.
4 All who are impatient will take time to think; everyone who stutters will talk clearly.
5 Fools will no longer be highly respected, and crooks won't be given positions of honor.
6 Fools talk foolishness. 
They always make plansto do sinful things, to lie about the Lord, to let the hungry starve, and to keep water from those who are thirsty.
7 Cruel people tell lies — they do evil things, and make cruel plans to destroy the poor and needy, even when they beg for justice.
8 But helpful people can always be trusted to make helpful plans.