segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2017

I preferred Wisdom more than a healthy and handsome body

Solomon Praises Wisdom
7   I asked God for Wisdom and for understanding, and my prayer was answered.
8 Nothing compares with Wisdom! And so I chose her over power and wealth.
9 In comparison with Wisdom, precious gems are nothing; gold is merely sand, and silver is simply clay.
10 I preferred Wisdom more than a healthy and handsome body; the brightest light grows dim when compared with her.
11 Wisdom brought me wealth and everything good.
12 I was pleased with all that she brought me, though I failed to realize that Wisdom was the source.
13 I sincerely studied, then freely shared the riches I learned from Wisdom.
14 Wisdom's treasures never end. 
God approves of her, and those who gain Wisdom are friends of God.