quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2017

The Honest Truth...

As I get older and get along with others, I value women who are above 30. They do not care what you think, but they are hearty if you intend to talk. If she does not want to watch the soccer game on TV, she's not around her, mumbling, going to do something she wants to do ...

And usually it's something much more interesting. She knows herself enough to know who she is, what she wants and who she wants. They do not stay with people who they do not trust. Women become psychoanalysts as they age.

You never need to confess your sins ... they always know ... They look beautiful when they wear red lipstick. The same does not happen with younger women ... Older women are direct and honest.

They'll tell you in the face if you're an idiot, if you're acting like one!

You never have to worry where it fits into her life. Just act like a man and the rest let her do it ... Yes, we admire women over 30! Unfortunately this is not reciprocal, because for every woman over 30, dizzying, beautiful, well trapped and sexy, there is a bald, pançudo in yellow shamrocks playing the fool for a 19 year old girl ...

Ladies, I apologize! For all men who say, "Why buy the cow, if you can drink the milk for free?", Here's the news for you: 80% of women today are against marriage and do you know why?

"Because the women realized that it was not worth buying a whole pig just to have a sausage!". Nothing more just!

Arnaldo Jabor