terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2017

Wise Woman and woman foolish ...

For Wise Women:
God has entrusted to us women the mission of succoring man, regardless of his need: spiritual, physical, psychological or professional. We must help him in his humanity so in need of love and understanding.
Our role in the life of a man is to lead him to God, to help him in those moments when he no longer knows what to do.
Now, I want to throw a challenge to you, which is not so difficult: try to take the burden of responsibility and face this role with a different perspective, taught by Jesus: the optics of love! The more we love this man, take care of him, respect him and care for him, the closer he is to us, the more man he will be, because he will feel loved and healed.
"God saw that it was not good that the man should be alone and made him a suitable helper" (Genesis 2:20)
It is the gratitude of the mother who sees her son growing with maturity and ethics in life; it is the joy of the wife who sees her husband as a man and a professional; it is the blessing of the friend who sees in the friend the smile of Who has overcome a challenge with your help.
Not a burden, but a help to the Lord to build a new man for a new world!
You, woman, have an irreplaceable role to play in a man's life, but rest assured, because God, in His infinite goodness and wisdom, has thought of everything and therefore has given you so many gifts and talents. You already bring the "tools" needed to be that help, to shape this new man. Want to see a simple example? Within you there is a deep dedication, an ability to overcome great obstacles and a broad vision capable of contemplating the beauty hidden behind the mountain. But how can this help you? I will broaden your vision.

Difference between the WISE WOMAN and the INSENSATES
1. A wise woman builds her house. The foolish one knocks the house down with her own hands.
2. Strength and dignity are the dresses of the wise woman. Foolishness is the fashion of prostitutes; Is astute of heart.
3. A wise woman opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of benevolence is on her tongue. The foolish woman is scorching; She is foolish and her words are seductive, she knows no modesty.
4. A wise woman, even in the dark, stands up and gives food to her household. Foolishness is turbulent and stubborn; They do not stop at home their feet. Or it's on the streets or in the squares lurking around every corner.
5. The wise woman, according to the biblical sage, seeks wool and linen and works willingly with her hands. But the foolish one sits at the door of her house or in a chair on the heights of the city, calling to those who follow her path.
6 A wise woman doeth virtuously. The fool, shamefully.
7. The heart of a wise woman's husband trusts her, while the fool's heart rages with jealousy, and takes her appointment book in his pocket .... Control all her steps, control who she walks with and what she spends!

Just a tip !!!!!!!