quinta-feira, 9 de março de 2017

Always learning

I have learned that much of what we swear to believe may be just another person's belief that we have not cleaned up.
That there may be some comfort in the tacit agreement of hypocrisy, but it does not make life sing.
That if we do not look attentively and generously at our feelings, we can spend a whole day without getting in touch with what really matters to us.
That what we really care about may not matter to anyone else and that does not matter at all.
That while we do not know each other at least a little bit, we will scribble notebooks and notebooks without writing anything that has meaning to us.
I have learned over time that when we judge we speak more of ourselves than of the other.
That slander happens when the heart has bad breath.
That respect is the virtue of elegant souls.
That empathy comes from intimate contact with the nuances of our own humanity.
That between what the other says and what we hear there are bridges or abysses,
Constructed or dug by the history that is his and by the history that is ours.
That selfishness speaks when fear stifles the voice of love.
That lack is revealed when self-esteem is hurt.
That guilt is a corrosive poison that people generally do not like to ingest on their own.
That the classroom is the private and non-transferable experience of each one.

Ana Jácomo