sexta-feira, 17 de março de 2017

I can not stop looking at you

What do we have, what do you have?
Sweet as it is sweet,
When I stop my day to look at you ...
There are no wounds, sorrows, only candor
Because I'm not tired of loving you ...
From my soul, I behold you.
Nothing finding in you but eyes,
Mouth and chin, long legs,
Everything I ever dreamed .....
From my entire body, the past goes out of memory,
No sound or color, substance.
I see only you,
The perfect geometry of your being,
The double-raised breast,
Stock and food, fruitful nectar,
By appeasing moments of desires,
My mouth cries out your spilled taste,
eternal thirst,
Seed of the look in love.
I chose you female forever,
Stolen kiss....
You woman,
My rarest gift.

William José Carlos Marmonti