quarta-feira, 15 de março de 2017

The one who is

It Is Foolish To Worship Nature
Solomon continues praying:
1 You are the living God. And only those who are fools by birth could look at your creation and not learn about you. But instead, some people worshiped the things you created, 2 such as fire and wind, and storms and stars, and rivers and planets. Those fools believed these things were the gods that ruled the world, 3 because they were so beautiful.
But you are the Lord, as well as the source of all beauty, so let those fools know how much more beautiful you are than any of these things. 4 And if anyone is amazed at the mighty power of nature, then they should realize that the Creator is even more powerful. 5 Indeed, the power and beauty of nature should convince us that their Creator is even more powerful and beautiful.
6 On the other hand, these people are not entirely to blame for taking the wrong path in their desire to know and to find you. 7 It is to be expected that while searching, they would learn to trust the beautiful things they were seeing. 8 However, this is no excuse, 9 because if they possessed the ability to examine the universe, why did it take them so long to find you, the Lord of the universe?
Idolatry Is Foolish
Solomon continues praying:
10   Some people are miserable because they have set their hopes either on lifeless idols crafted in the shape of animals from gold and silver, or else on some old pieces of worthless stone. 11 A woodcutter may saw down a small tree, then peel off the bark and skillfully make something worthwhile from the wood. 12 Some of the leftover wood may be used for a cooking fire, 13 while a crooked and knotty piece may be carefully carved into the shape of a human 14 or of some useless animal, before being painted red to cover all its flaws.
15 A special shelf is made on the wall, and the idol is fastened to the shelf with metal nails 16 to keep it from falling, because the one who made it realizes that it is merely a helpless idol. 17 Then—without shame—its maker prays to this lifeless idol for help with finances, marriage, or family. 18 Its maker asks for good health from something weak, for life from something dead, for guidance from something without experience, for a safe journey from something that cannot walk, 19 and for wealth and success from something that cannot move its hands.