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The Invisible World of Women - Page 66

I never imagined that in the world there could be something like this ...
I can not treat this creature as a human being, because It is not.
While I waited for the decision of justice, he returned the blows, and with full force, only this time the victim found us through the process that he moved against us, and now it will be that Mr. Marcelo Arantes Ramos will sue the justice for moral damages and force It to take your name from the internet?
God is perfect,  he is hanging himself with his own rope and about me? I'll be your shadow ... (laughs)
As you already know the unhealthy personality of this creature, nothing changes, the same history of cancer, starving, a true psychopath.

Watch this video:

He has been in contact with Simone for two years, pay attention, even after everything that has happened, a case sent for investigation by the prosecution, what gives him so much security?
But once I make an appeal, now directed to the Public Prosecutor, break the bank secrecy of this man and you will know the whole truth, who is involved to make him think that he is above justice ... He is so certain that nothing will happen to him .... Why?
A lawsuit against him has already been filed in the State of São Paulo by Mrs. Rute Rinco, and soon I will be doing the same.
His wife Mrs. Class speaks to everyone that we will not have the help back, as her husband calls, we want to make it clear that we know this, and our goal is not this. Our goal is to make this sweet evangelical woman's husband stop, that's all.
I know that with the form he plays with the name of God, he will pay dearly, because the justice of our Father does not delay or fail, it happens in His time.

Page 66

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