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The Invisible World of Women - Page 13

I searched in internet the life of MacGyver (true) ... the guy did not had a girlfriend? It is ... no one can be good at all ... (laughs)
For want of this, let's call her, Divina ...
The Divina every day spoke to me by Skype, her anger was so great ... I mean, I thought it was anger.
Commented to me about the profile of Mrs. MacGyver, and oddly enough, when I tried to meet her as much as she knew me (laughs) I was blocked, but how? because? As a person I never heard that existed blocked me? that weird ... but for a wise the quiet is enough.
There was a big problem in the Divina's plans, she wanted to know if between our countries there was some agreement, or possibility of him to pay down there, and there was not, the result devastated her, not to mention that the process had been filed.
Then she thought, she would be a good girl and say that I withdrew the complaint against him, and asked me permission to make me the villain of the story, She still wanted to win his trust (only trust?), I at this point, was not the least bit concerned that MacGyver. would think about me ... I accepted.
I let the things happen, maintained contact with a lawyer, which took some MacGyver information, all this combined with Divina, where we would share the costs, but I think she also forgot that, that's fine ... I honored the commitment and gained a friend because he was this lawyer who defended the lady owner of the house filed a lawsuit against MacGyvere and his family, many eviction orders against them, the name of the two, appeared easily in daily Jus Brazil
Ah! to explain why pulled away from him, because the blocked after so much information, I knew I contact that person would not do me good, moreover, to complete, saw the profile of your child on Facebook, a huge photo I was intrigued and looked for the scar of the incident in the army (remember?) and nothing, I downloaded it on my computer to analyze .... the face of boy was totally clean.
Immediately I remembered, "He does not act alone, has a blond woman (oxygenated) to his wife, and a young boy, his son.
When I write about the work of God, believe it is impressive ...
A day with my tablet I downloaded a program linked to hangout, the program shows who is online, inadvertently clicked the name of a friend, someone who was part of my circles in G +, suddenly appeared the information that person, and the e-mail registered in this profile was that of our Divina, she was using me all the time ... (laughs), and oddly enough, the Nadir again had warned me, something had changed in the Divina, She does not just gave up because she was thinking to come to Brazil to report him here too, but she was also against me, if I had reached this point in time, she would, but to help him. I understand the poor, because I know what a woman in love can do, I just blocked as well.
More lost than before, just I have preserved me. Everything that was happening in my life had to be faced squarely. there were other situations that did not count here, and I thought ... how long? I would not be hypocritical to say to you that had situations that anger did not take care of me,Yes it took ... If I allowed my attitudes were based on it, I would not be here now writing my life. I fought the feeling that I was not like them ... I'm not.
Alone, I sought God in strength and direction of what I should do. Every day, I open the Bible and read what God wanted me ... always asking Him to forgive these people.
So the Bible became for me the mouth of my Father. The more I read, the more I was impressed, I will tell you in detail.

Page 13