sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2015

The Invisible World of Women - Page 14

I have this Page 14 is ready since yesterday, I could not post, lacked will, things I can not explain.
This morning wake up to the text ready in my head, which would have to be written, nothing left drafted ... While I was talkingin the bath with our Father ... (laughs) Father, calm, take it easy, I will not have time to pick up the pen and paper, oh my Father, how will I remember everything ...
I Start here, I lived, now I will try to describe what happened and do everything possible to move the way the message that it should be passed, I know I do understand is a work more of Him than mine.
The funny thing is that I thought I was going to follow the sequence of my notes in chronological order, but it is not going to happen, I had questions and answers before, but on this subject I have to talk about It.
Seeking balance not stop my walk, as I said, I went to get help in the treatment of Stretcher (Spiritual treatment performed in the spiritual center ), while the Nadir (Gospel) came into my life ... at no time tried to take refuge in religion to relieve pain, but I was looking for God to achieve this relief.
Faced with the beliefs there are conflicts, in my conversations with Nadir, when I talked about some matter and my position before them, she listened carefully and always told me at the end, God uses your mouth as this, just as you're talking about was preached in the church today.
I thought as I listened, it would be nice if it were actually happening.
I've always been honest and speak my mind, and could not avoid the subject of my treatment with her ...
Trying to convince me that what I experienced was not a good thing, she fell into the mistake of talking to me in asking the Church's Minister to call me, because she would explain to me ... hummm, as I said, I speak my mind, and then I asked her, what are you trying to do? Explains me please, now,  who do not understand is me. You tell me all the time that God uses me, and why He can not answer my questions? Forgive me, but I do not need her to tell me,  who will explain me is my Father.
And so I did, I asked with these words ... Father, I wish that the Lord would answer me one thing ... it's bothering me, and I do not want the man's mouth answer, I want your answer. The house I was treated, where people leave aside their lives, without gaining anything for it, to take care of others like me who do not know, with so much love and dedication is there evil? Help me understand ...
I closed my eyes and opened my Bible and there was written:

Ecclesiastes (I used the Google translator) 3-16 In this world I also noticed the following: the place where they should be justice and right, what we find is evil. 17 Then I thought: ". God will judge both good and bad because everything that goes on in this world, everything we do happens in time that has to happen" 18 Then I came to the conclusion that God is putting the people to the test to see that they are no better than animals. 19 In the end, the same as happens to people happens to animals. Both people and animals die. The human being takes no advantage over the animal, because both have to breathe to live. As it turns out, everything is illusion, 20 because both it and the other will go to the same place, that is, the dust of the earth. Both they and the other came from there and return there. 21 How can anyone be sure that the breath of life of the human being goes up and that the animal's breath of life down to the earth? 22 Thus, I understood that there is nothing better that we take pleasure in the work. This is our reward. For how can we know what will happen after we die?

I read, and I sought in my heart understanding, for I am just like you, everyone has their answers, but few want to hear ... I felt that there are many things still that our Father wants to reveal to us ...
So I leave it to my father to do His job in no time I want to leave my opinion, I'm here to make you seek your own answers ...

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