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The Invisible World of Women - Page 24

I receive some messages ... comments about what I write about what I experienced ..
Some words or phrases, will have to be repeated for me, like I'm trying to teach a child ... I feel it.
The message I got called me little fool ... I tried to explain that for those who was giving up on life ... what happened was a divine providence, God's purpose in our eyes is difficult to understand, but the truth is that God had and has a purpose for each of us.
Everything is connected, nothing happens by accident.
I tried to make him understand or see the difference between him who commented and I, because everything is a matter of perspective, he sees the worst of life before the events, I can still see ... the best ... the true...
Still talking about love ...
This year happens again, I had an employee that I loved so much, I'd like her as daughter ..... Some problems arise at work that she performed, and I always asked if everything was alright and needed my help, with the answers her that everything was going well, I only trusted.
In the eyes of my Father, nothing is hidden, the day that I was parked my car, Claudio, (Angel Protector, laughs) I'll have to talk about him first, to continue my story.
Claudio, guy working here in my building performing general services, I do not know if his religion matter, but he is special ... He speaks of the Bible as it was lived within each chapter, tell me wonderful stories.
How many times with my eyes full of tears made his eyes shed too ... As if felt my pain. Oh my Father, thank you for taking care of me, for every hug given, every kiss on my forehead that Claudio gave me, along with the phrase ... Dona Rosa, calm, everything will pass ... It helped me so much ... .
Returning to the subject, Claudio gave me an envelope, which never fell into my hand. This envelope was delivered to the receiver and passed to another person. But one day, God asked Claudio to hand over me. This employee was seven months pregnant, I had to hire another person to help and take your place in the license period. It was when I handed the envelope to a new employee, it was my condominium account bank statement, and this statement had transfers to the name of the employee who I loved so much, yes ..... she was taking the condominium values ​​that do not belonged to her.
Reaction of the world ... Give complaint and then just cause, she will bring you great problems ...
My reaction ... forgive ... I did not want to end the life of a young mother, what would be of her life? how She would arrange job again? And again, my mother is beside me in my decision, I decided to take the risks, but like MacGyver also will do justice. She will return everything she took, only to learn that what she did is not correct and do no again.
Still I love her too much, I know I can not bring her to my life again, but my love is not over ...
Finalizing this page with a message from [ME] and the biblical text.

Blessed is he who does what he says, and love what you have ...
Ecclesiastes 5
Be Careful How You Worship
1 Be careful what you do when you enter the house of God. Fools go there to offer sacrifices, because all they do is sin. But it's best just to listen when you go to worship. 2 Don't talk before you think or make promises to God without thinking them through. God is in heaven, and you are on earth, so don't talk too much. 3 If you keep thinking about something, you will dream about it. If you talk too much, you will say the wrong thing.
4 God doesn't like fools. So don't be slow to keep your promises to God. 5 It's better not to make a promise at all than to make one and not keep it. 6 Don't let your mouth get you in trouble! And don't say to the worship leader, “I didn't mean what I said.” God can destroy everything you have worked for, so don't say something that makes God angry.
7 Respect and obey God! Daydreaming leads to a lot of senseless talk.

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