quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2015

The Invisible World of Women - Page 7

Leave aside the social networking site and start to communicate the Messenger, and telephone. He used to call me early in the morning unable to sleep because the day of follow-up examinations of his illness was approaching and it terrified him. I tried to take all forces of nowhere, but I always had a word to encourage him. Besides the disease, was experiencing financial problems, He was being pursued by political parties, said thatHe had a bombastic article that would be published in June 2014, with evidence, by the way, as a result of persecution has been blocked bank account. Needed help, I helped him financially, but always with the promise that as soon as the account was unlocke, would return iT, because his lawyer had already informed that everything was running in his favor.
One day, coming from work, I turned on my computer and went into my Facebook account, and there was, his son had crashed, posted the photo of the boy, which read: "When I heard the news that my son had crashed with the rifle from the barracks, I was crazy, my world plummeted. Only those who have children, know and feel what I'm talking. Everybody several times in life, goes through hard time. One day is a headache like that, the other one ill be damned, upset stomach, burning-hot ... pain in the legs, back, arms, everything that is part ... and the poor be ... And the pain in the soul, then? No one ever has faced existential crises, doubts, disappointments, anger, sadness, anxiety ... Anyway, just be human for fatally feel these things, sooner or later.
But with our children, we get crazy! My son suffered a cut below the eye, because of a rifle's recoil 762, when fired at the shooting range. Result, took eight points and be sauce ... God always takes care of his chosen ... "
I once again with a sinking heart for the pain felt by him, made a deposit into your account for hospital expenses, he said that the army did not move a finger to help your child. Just a bandage. Remember that the women became desperate, another thing that intrigued me most of the comments were from women, seemed to have few male friends, as everything was locked, I could not see.
Two months later, always in need of help, he got a job here in Bahia, precisely in Salvador, asked if I could host him, He had a meeting with the TV Bahia, staff because he had done favors for our governor Antonio Carlos Magalhães and his grandson today mayor and owner of the TV station would help, everything would be too fast and would soon return to Rio trims setting things up, as the result of the meeting. Plane tickets, all funded by me, then he would be returning to help because his plans were working.
I began to think it all very strange, and a voice inside my head was going to give me commands, I thought that I was getting mad ... but when the pain is very strong, and loneliness constant, it seems like you off of the world and starts to look inside you, and that is when God approaches, do not mean that's just the pain that He is, perhaps we approach Him more in these times. And that's just the beginning of my story with God.
Something told me, looking, you will find ... and all of a sudden I was on the blog, copied and pasted in sending Google search, and see what I can find, texts, everyone, including the speaker of his illness signed by another person if I'm not mistaken the problem the person was in the lung ... my penny dropped.
But still guided by God I began to do more, I remembered seeing his doctor oncologist, such a Fernando ... hmmm must be in the Facebook, I will search It, and It was a Fernando, clicked the name and saw that we had a friend in common (laughs) at the time I must have been about two hundred friends, most Americans, like to play and needed to get prizes (not paid for them). Suddenly I was already six hundred and few, all of him, calmly went asking friendship, and then a pump (laughs), I see a posting of it:

Users of social networks should be aware of false identities present in the virtual world. The false profiles, also known as 'fakes' are all over the network. They can be created by anyone who is interested in making success on social networks in the shoes of someone who does not exist, creating a virtual character, or can be used by anyone who is interested in harming someone. Speaking in court, make a profile with data and / or images of another person (famous or not) and go through it (even if the joke) can fit in Article 307 of the penal code. Even using picture taken using Google and other data, it can also get in trouble because it is a violation of image rights. The fake profile can also be excluded from the social network. In this case it is necessary that other users also denounce the page. When this happens, the account owner can not log in until he proves his page on the social network is real. The profile will remain available for viewing on the social network, but the fake profile owner will be blocked login. I have been a victim of this type of situation and realized that there is a fake profile by adding my friends in common and all have accepted. Be careful, because I do not know who they are and will not be responsible for the actions of others. I saw this profile added 45 friends ... It is my tip!

That was just the beginning (laughs), the plug has now dropped for good, along with the pay phone (now no longer even exist anymore), I was stolen ...In the Messenger we had a conversation about it. What you posted It was for me? I asked, and he said something like, no, you know I suffer persecution etc.etc.etc ...
Do not think I had anger, no, no I just wanted to disappear ... the friend depression feeling winning, every day approached more and gained more space, I saw that I needed help and I picked.