domingo, 27 de março de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 37

I feel that is close to all end, only the Father knows the battle that lived, to not stop being who I am, I had to go through it, I was tested every second, in my faith, in my resignation, in my light it was my free will, I could have entered the darkness, anger, revenge, eye for eye, tooth for tooth ....
I know my God is with me, I have given proof of my faithfulness, He knows my heart and I've been looking every day know my Father.
I remember when I was a child how important it was for me tear a smile of my Father Pedro, it was so good to hear him praise me, the water that I took for him to drink regardless his request, the tissue I used to wipe his sweat while working or take hot soup (laughs), to flip flops ready to put on his feet as he removed his shoes when he arrived trip ... I close my eyes and it's like I'm living it all over again.
Why with my God would be different? Because I can not see Him or because His love is great and He is ready to forgive me, that I can make mistakes, stepping on the ball all the time or to underestimate the true meaning of what He has in my life ... I want to make my Father happy, as I was the one to whom I could embrace, I want to make Him smile .... I do not fear for my God ... for me there is only love and I want to and I will do ... . He was proud of me ...
Feeling insecure about the way I see things today, I spoke with a person, sometimes I'm afraid to be wrong, and even more to be humiliated for that ... I talked to him as I was Parking my car .... the night lying I spoke to God: forgive me Dad, my doubt is not in your existence, but it  is in my worthiness ... and asked Father ... talk to me ... I opened the bible and my eyes was on the text ... Isaiah 54, I posted on the blog on March 26 ... "4 Do not be afraid, for you will not be ashamed; do not fear, because you will not be humiliated.
I do not need to tell how I felt myself ...
Wednesday morning I will be in the Federal Police, accompanied by a customer friend and his brother Civil Police ... I will take off this weight from my life, I asked God, I begged for this story were changed, now I understand and respect the work of my Father, His word does not return and the option of our friend Marcelo (MacGyver), your free will is respected ... and the path he chose, how I chose mine, with God as my lawyer he will pay for the crime he has committed, and as I promised when I'm with the document in hand and the official complaint, I will bring the faces of people who were characters in this book ... I think we still have many pages ..

Page 37