domingo, 22 de maio de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 40

A little confused, or perhaps with the hope that this story has a different ending.
All steps haveI been taken, now lie with my conscience that I did what I had to do.
I recorded all the files and they are already in the hands of justice, you know what was my biggest concern? Another person to pass through what I did ....
And the worst is that it could and can happen, Marcelo has opened a new account on YOUTUBE posting a video, video that he used to spend his reporter image, I know that if I post here the address to you again he will delete the account ...
The best I have to do is to fulfill what I promised, come on, I try to make a copy of the files here from his blog, and that the criminal life of this man end up here:

Some photos shown above:

The account now has his name: Marcelo, this video has been posted to your new account Posted on 18 jun 2015

Interview Journalist Marcelo

I was never afraid of anything, I knew who he was when I got in my house ... I just believe in the redemption of a man, who by his free will chose your way, I ask everyone to follow the pages of my life to pray .... pray for him ...
Pray for me..

Page 40