segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

We can not walk without a mature faith, lucid, clear.

"This kind of demon can not be expelled in any way except by prayer."

Jesus met his disciples in the midst of a great debate.

All spoke at the same time and there was no consensus among them.

So, wondering what was happening, Jesus asked, "What you argue with them?"

While they were preparing to explain, someone from the crowd answered, "Master, I brought you my son who has a dumb spirit.

Each time the spirit attacks him, throws him to the ground and it begins to foam, gnashes his teeth and becomes completely stiff.

I asked your disciples to drive out the spirit, but they could not. "

When Jesus heard the boy's father owned outburst showed his great displeasure at the lack of faith of the disciples, "Oh unbelieving generation!

Shall I stay with you?

How long must I bear with you? "

Before the outburst of Jesus, I was reflecting on the concept that He can have about me.

Yes, if the disciples heard this outburst of Jesus, imagine what we could hear if he had to tell us something about our faith before the events of life!

Well, since the disciples had not been able to do anything for the boy, Jesus asked his father, ""Since when is he like that?"?"

The father replied, "Since childhood. And often, the spirit has launched into fire or water to kill him.

If you can do anything, have pity on us and help us. "

The boy's father did not know very well the Master. He knew of his fame, but did not know Him deeply.

So it is with many of us! Many have an idea of ​​Jesus, but we do not know.

Well, when Jesus heard what he thought the boy's father, said, "If you can ... Everything is possible for those who have faith."

Here is the answer to our disbelief, "everything is possible for those who have faith!"

If we had faith in Jesus, certainly not we behave as often we behave.

Our unbelief offends God, but He has mercy on us.

He also pitied the boy's father and said, "dumb and deaf spirit, I command you that boy's skirts and no more into him!"

And so it happened! Given the authority of Jesus, the boy was free of the evil spirit.

We have much to learn from the Gospel today.

We need to make an examination of conscience about the quality of our faith, about the confidence we have in Jesus, about our intimacy with Him.

Do not fail to reflect!

We can not walk without a mature faith, lucid, clear.

God help us!

Day Gospel commented by Father Dennys (Mark 9.14 to 29)