domingo, 27 de novembro de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 54

Last week, another victim of Marcelo Arantes Ramos came to me, this time a daughter worried about her mother, I tried to help, but I understand that there are limits to which I must respect. Many do not want to get involved and I do not force anyone to anything, in which case mother and daughter are no longer talking, I believe that the reason is him. And if the person does not want to hear her own daughter, she certainly will not listen to me.
He does a lot of damage where he goes, does not mess with women. Baptized in several evangelical churches, he approaches the pastor and gives his blow.
Five years ago, the first Presbyterian Church of Nova Iguaçu was one of them, where the same story was told, having values ​​to receive asked for two checks to the pastor, and disappeared, by God the pastor managed to cancel one.
At the end of last year, he went to a church near where he lives, and there he told everyone that a sister had passed a car for his name ... of that I will find out how the coup was, because he disappeared from there. Ah, remembering the sister who passed the car to him, it's Ana Carla who complained about it at the police station in Bangu, he stole her car.
His wife, Noemi Class, now works at the Women's Hospital in Belford Roxo - Nova Iguaçu, and I do not understand how she accepts such rot and says that they are is evangelical to everyone ... There's no way we can not see that we're dealing with a very good gang. Articulated.
Another poor fellow crossed the path of this creature, the Paraíba, a mason, was run over and almost lost his foot, got into a safe and Mr. Marcelo Ramos was ready to help ... to this day Paraíba did not see the color of this money.

There are many cases, but I will put one by one here ... because what I am doing has freed many people from the evil of this man.
About the e-mails, as I predicted, so far there have been no answers, it is up to us to use intelligence and understand that we should be very concerned about the news published here in Brazil, because if the class does not have the courage to stand before the Situation that I put for them, with all the evidence and proofs, Imagine how your information should not be manipulated. Surely I will be more careful to believe in the work of these journalists.

Page 54