sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2016

Scented Souls.

Thank you my sister Renata Soares, my soul is perfumed because I have people like you who are part of my life, I thank God for the greatest gift He has given me, my family.
I love you all, no matter how far apart you are, you are part of me.

There are people who smell like birds when they sing.
Of sun when he wakes up.
Of flower when she laughs.
Beside them, we sit on the swing of a network that sings hot on a big afternoon with no clock and no agenda.
Next to them, we feel like eating popcorn in the square.
Smearing your chin with ice cream.
Mellowing your fingers with cotton candy of the sweetest color you have to choose.
Time is another.
And life has the face that it really has, but that we unlearn to see.

There are people who smell of God's lap.
Sea bath when the water is hot and the sky is blue.
Beside them, we know
That angels exist and that some are invisible.
Next to them, we feel like coming home and changing the heel by the slipper.
Dreaming the biggest nonsense in the world with the enjoyment of those who do not care.
Beside them, it may be April, but it looks like Christmas morning from the time when we'd wake up and find Santa's gift.

There are people who smell the stars that God lit in the sky and those that we can light on Earth.
Beside them, we do not think love is possible, we are sure.
Beside them, we sit down and visit a place made of joy.
Receiving a bouquet of affection.
Hugging a panda bear cub.
Touching with the eyes, the eyes of peace.
Beside them, we savor the delight of the soft touch that their presence blows in our heart.

There are people who smell of cafuné without haste.
The toy we did not leave.
From the chill that silence sings.
Walking in the garden.
Alongside them, we realize that sensuality is a perfume that comes from within and that the attraction that really moves us is not just the body.
It runs in other veins.
Press somewhere else.
Beside them, we remember that the moment we laugh, God is with us, together with us. And we laugh big like an arnold boy.

There are people like you who do not even realize how fragrant the soul is!
And that perfume is a gift from God!

- Carlos Drummond de Andrade