sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2016

What my father told me today ...

Sometimes I do not understand what my Father wants to say, I do not understand why so much pain, so much disappointment .... But I know that everything contributes to the good of those who love God, and to me everything will be revealed in the right time. ..

(By David for praise.)
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful
1 I will praise you, my God and King, and always honor your name.
2 I will praise you each day and always honor your name.
3 You are wonderful, Lord, and you deserve all praise, because you are much greater than anyone can understand.
4 Each generation will announce to the next your wonderful and powerful deeds.
5 I will keep thinking about your marvelous glory and your mighty miracles.
6 Everyone will talk about your fearsome deeds, and I will tell all nations how great you are.
7 They will celebrate and sing about your matchless mercy and your power to save.
8 You are merciful, Lord!
You are kind and patient and always loving.
9 You are good to everyone, and you take care of all your creation.
10 All creation will thank you, and your loyal people will praise you.
11 They will tell about your marvelous kingdom and your power.
12 Then everyone will know about the mighty things you do and your glorious kingdom.
13 Your kingdom will never end, and you will rule forever.
Our Lord, you keep your word and do everything you say.
14 When someone stumbles or falls, you give a helping hand.
15 Everyone depends on you, and when the time is right, you provide them with food.
16 By your own hand you satisfy the desires of all who live.
17 Our Lord, everything you do is kind and thoughtful, 18 and you are near to everyone whose prayers are sincere.
19 You satisfy the desires of all your worshipers, and you come to save them when they ask for help.
20 You take care of everyone who loves you, but you destroy the wicked.
21 I  will praise you, Lord, and everyone will respect your holy name forever.