domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2016

The Invisible World of Women - Page 56

I would like to return to reading page 54, I made some changes, nothing like the time for God to show us the truth ... So, better to hand the problem to the Father and forget, because not everything is what it seems.
More news comes from our MacGyver, Marcelo Ramos, I find it funny how he keeps manipulating people and how our public safety is flawed and weak ... I want to see how far it will go ...
More news comes from our MacGyver, Marcelo Ramos, I think up funny as it continues manipulating people and how our public safety is flawed and weak ... I want to see where it'll come ...
Marcelo Ramos is not having much success in his punches, being evicted from where he lives, he was renting a house of a Portuguese, but God showed to the portuguese who was his new tenant and the deal was scrapped ... lived in a communal apartment , Called a loft, when he was able to rent another one, where he now lives ..
He has not lost his habit, from time to time he dresses up in a suit and leaves saying that he will report to Record (always the Record). Come to Bahia or go to Minas, he back with money. His other source of income is selling SKY's "cat." ( CAT here in Brazil is a Illegal business)  He does not look for work, he lives looking for easy money.
He used to drive a white car, if I was not mistaken it is a Gol that he kept in his friends' house, this one was recovered by his owner, the car had three or four bullet holes, which he had covered, the holes he explained that he had suffered an robbery, and he did not complain at the police station... How could he do? (smiles)
This car, the Gol was before he stole Ana Carla 's car, which is being stored a few blocks from where he lives today, Av Duque Estrada Mayer, 469 - Casa 4 - Nova Iguaçu - Rio de Janeiro.

He left a lot of trace in the favela where he was born and raised. His mother lives in Av. Brasil 19 818 - Coelho Neto, in front of a favela. He has not visited his mother for many years. His family does not want to see him , not painted. The brother who is a voice actor, Mauro Ramos, denies that he is his brother.
He usually picks up a lot, appeared with a bandage on his head and said he was passing in the street and a crazy beggar hit him. Now he is wearing a vest around his neck and said he suffered one more assault (again).

Remember the bandage in the eye ??? This did not happen, nobody knew, that is, makeup to take money from the victims ... only this time, the beating was real, and God will show that he can plant what he wants ... but he will harvest exactly the that he planted.

Page 56