sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2017

The Man and the Woman

Man is the greatest of creatures;
Woman is the most sublime of ideals.
Man is the brain;
The woman is the heart.
The brain makes light;
The heart, the LOVE.
Light fruitful, love resuscitates.
Man is strong by reason;
The woman is invencible by the tears.
The reason convinces, tears commove.
Man is capable of all heroism;
The woman, of all martyrdoms.
Heroism ennobles, martyrdom sublime.
Man is a code;
The woman is a gospel.
The code corrects; The gospel perfects.
Man is a temple; The woman is the tabernacle.
Before the temple we discovered;
Before the shrine we kneel.
Man thinks; The woman dreams.
To think is to have a larva in the skull;
Dream is to have, on the forehead, a halo.
The man is an ocean; The woman is a lake.
The ocean has the pearl that adorns;
The lake, the poetry that dazzles.
The man is the eagle that flies;
The woman is the singing nightingale.
Flying is dominating space;
To sing is to conquer the soul.
In short, man is placed where the earth ends;
The woman, where the sky begins.

Vitor hugo