domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2017

Without understanding...

Why  the roses were cruel, and the lilies of the field ruthless with me?
Why did the dawn of a new day and the charm of a beautiful sunset hurt my feeling?
Why did the wave of the sea, along with the passing cloud, take away all my hope?
Now the night wants to buy all my dreams and the stars want to sell all my emotions.
what did I do wrong?
But I asked the tallest mountain if it could turn one of my fairy tales into reality, and, she said yes.
I do not converse with my imaginations, so I broke all my mirrors and my eyes went into pieces.
I keep in my chest seven wishes and in the last eclipse I made a request, if I could feel the scent of his way of being; But a strong mist contained in my desert, appeared before me and destroyed one of my desires ... now I have only six left.
No, do not do that ... do not remove the petals from my heart, because it hurts and hurts me, causing my tears to come to bleed.
Please do not crucify me upside down, for not taking you to the source of the rivers, as I wanted you to be here in the depths of my ocean.
Maybe you have not noticed that every time that sad and negative thoughts try to invade your being, I become your scarecrow in intent to protect you.
There's no way I'm going to get close to you, if there's arrows all over the place, indicating the wrong ways ... and I need you so much to feel here by my side.
Do not give me your spring now, because the thorns of my rose hurt me every time I want you in my fall.
Now, I have to leave, because I need to wake up and wake up my world, before the lights dim.

Nelson Pereira