terça-feira, 7 de março de 2017

Courage to restart

How often the end of a relationship generates a devastating feeling, as if there were no more ground or references! Whether it is the end of a marriage, the loss of a loved one, a close friend who leaves, the fact is that it happens frequently.
I understand that it is difficult and the feeling of emptiness, suffering, mourning are inevitable in most cases. However, staying in the hole forever is a choice, a concession of the sufferer. There are people who cling to the emptiness of loss as if this emptiness could replace who left. It is almost like a kind of backward loyalty that makes the sufferer feel guilty for failing to suffer, clinging to the object of suffering as if it depended on it.
This does not realize that suffering also reveals to us, after all, it opens up where the voids, the fears, the zones of comfort that need to be faced. To face is a choice, to illuminate the dark corners of the soul with the light of the conscience is also a Choice that depends solely on each individual.
If you are suffering, fulfill your time of mourning in peace. Just do not forget that he has time to finish and, if you want, it will come out better than he entered. Let go of your pain so it does not rot and spoil you. It is necessary to walk and recover happiness along the way, in the gifts and compensations that life gives, in the courage to start over, to be again.

Flavio Siqueira

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