quarta-feira, 8 de março de 2017

Do not fall in love with a man ....

Do not fall in love with a man who speaks only of himself, of his problems, without worrying about you ... Fall in love with a man who cares for you, knows your strength, your illusions, your sorrows and helps you To overcome them.
Do not believe a man's words when his actions say the opposite.
Take away from your life a man who does not build with you a better world. He will never leave you because you are his source of energy ...
Escape from a sick man spiritually and emotionally, it's like a cancer will kill everything in you (emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and economically)
"Pay no attention to a man who is not able to express his feelings, who does not want to give him love."
Do not cling to a man who is not able to recognize his inner and outer beauty and his moral qualities.
Do not let a man come into your life who has to guess what he wants, because he can not express himself openly.
Do not fall in love with a man who, knowing him, his life has become a problem to solve and not something to enjoy.
Do not fall in love with a man who shows coldness, insensitivity, lack of attention with you, run away from him.
Do not believe in a man who has affective deficiencies of childhood and who tries to fill them with infidelity, blaming it, when the problem is not in you, but in him, because he does not know what he wants from life, nor what are Priorities.
Why want a man who will abandon you if you are not as he intended, or if he is no longer useful?
Why want a man who will change her for a hair or a different skin color, or a clear eye, or a slimmer body?
Why want a man who does not know to admire the beauty that is in you, the true beauty ... the one of the heart?
How many times have I allowed myself to be carried away by the superficiality of things, leaving aside those who really offered me their sincerity and integrity and giving more importance to those who did not value my effort?
It has cost me a lot to understand that BIG MAN is not the one who gets on top, nor the one who has the most money, house, car, or who lives surrounded by women, let alone the most beautiful.
A great man is that transparent human being, who does not take refuge behind curtains of smoke, is what opens his HEART without rejecting reality, is the one who admires a woman for its moral foundations and inner grandeur.
A great man is the one who falls and has enough strength to get up and keep fighting ...

Arnaldo Jabor.