quarta-feira, 1 de março de 2017

She is amazing

She smiles when she wants to scream. 
She sings when she wants to cry. 
She cries when she is happy. 
And she laughs when she's nervous. 
She fights for what she believes. 
She rises to injustice. 
She does not take no for an answer when she believes there is a better solution 
She walks without new shoes so her children can have them. 
She goes to the doctor with a frightened friend. 
She loves unconditionally. 
She cries when her children fall sick and rejoice when their children win prizes. 
She is happy when she hears about a birthday or a new marriage. 
To be a woman is to be a Princess at 20. 
Queen at 30. 
Empress at 40...
And especially a lifetime.

  Pablo Neruda