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The Invisible World of Women - Page 59

In this video, I'm using the audio that Marcelo Arantes Ramos sent to the last victim he stole last month, as I mentioned earlier, He could not get much out of her, she read my blog and understood that she was dealing with a psychopath.
He says that I am suffering, and that my life has stopped because of him, I am manipulative, I have flown too high, I am empty, I have no husband, children, only two dogs, he will cut my wings. . He also says that he is not a bad guy and that there are no lawsuits against him,
and threatens Beatriz.
My dear Marcelo Arantes Ramos, my life has not stopped, I am not angry, you are already forgiven, but my forgiveness does not exempt you from paying for what you did, and blatantly continue to do ... Look, I learned to wait In God, unfortunately for you, believe me, I'm not suffering.
As for the compliment that makes my power manipulate your victims by throwing them against you, I think I've never read anything so ridiculous ... You do not change, you keep talking nonsense, it's hard to think of everything, is not it? (smiles)
I will finalize this text for the evangelical family that knows Mr. Marcelo Arantes Ramos and also know the BIBLE. Pay attention, he continues to give blows, entering the life of people to end them, today he is part of the Universal Church just to give another blow as he has already in several churches that he has gone.

The accomplice is also guilty.

Sometimes we are faced with situations in which we are tempted to take on acts of complicity in the face of error and we must be very careful about these opportunities because they make us co-participants of what displeases God and participants in the sins committed by others.

Often satan knows that he will not be able to reach us directly, so he provides people (friends, relatives, bosses, co-workers) and puts them by our side, so that through them we are involved in error and thus we are defeated. To do so, he uses love as being applied in a distorted way and says: Will you denounce, reprove, say no to someone so close and loved? By means of this fallacy (Satan's tricky argument) Satan leads us to dirty our hands, conscience, honor and life. The Word of the Lord says: "Do not impose your hands hastily on anyone. Do not become an accomplice to the sins of others. Keep yourself pure. "(1 Timothy 5:22)
                           In the Scriptures we find stories of complicity that have generated the misfortune of the parties involved, among them we can mention the case of Korah, Dathan and Abiram who united against Moses and paid with their ministries, goods, family and life (Num. 16) and the case Of Ananias and Sapphira who combined a lie and lost all that they had, including their own life (Acts 5).
                         To be complicit is to contribute consciously, directly or indirectly, to the error, is to give opportunity, to favor, to turn a blind eye, to omit and even defend the error practiced. These attitudes will draw us away from God and His will and bring us closer to the diabolical project of destruction of our lives. The Lord directs us: "And be not partakers in the fruitless works of darkness; But reprove them. "(Ephesians 5:11)
 Beware of the temptation of complicity in the name of love, for it will bring you misfortune along with the one you are protecting. To love is not to be complicit, to love is to advise, to correct, to reprove the attitude and to discipline, so that the one involved in the error has the due opportunity to change his inner and outer attitude and wake up to the mistake that he has committed, or is committing, and so he comes back To God, fix the mistakes you made, and start a new lifestyle. The Word of God guides us: "Now it is necessary that the servant of the Lord should not live to contend, but should be gentle toward all, able to instruct, patient, and meekly disciplining those who oppose, in the expectation that God Grant them not only repentance to know the truth fully, "(2 Timothy 2: 24-25 RSV)

Almy Alves dos Santos Junior

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