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The Invisible World of Women - Page 61

I'm back...
Marcelo Arantes Ramos filed a lawsuit against us, me, Rute Rinco and Ana Carla, for moral damages, I believe he thought we would not defend ourselves.
What does he want????? Money, and I take the comments I made on the internet.
Reason? He's not getting any more hits.
He has wronged a lot, first to think that I wanted to denigrate his image, second, he believed that we would have no defense, with all the evidence I have, impossible.
I never wanted to denigrate your image, Mr. Marcelo Arantes Ramos, I presented facts with evidence, and this does not doubt give us a great power of defense, and believe, if you had stopped, I would not remember that you existed ... but not satisfied with The damage You did ... continued. And once again I clarify, I gave you into the hands of God, and my faith is so great that when I do this ... just rest.
We will be on May 25, 2017 at the Office of the 2nd Special Civil Court, at Rua Coronel Bernardino de Melo, S / N - Bairro da Luz - Nova Iguaçu - RJ, accompanied by the lawyer Mr. Reinaldo Estimo.

I invite all of you, the victims of Mr. Marcelo Arantes Ramos, to attend and, if you wish to testify, let us know.
I want you to analyze the whole situation, and think hard, I know that what you have lost will not recover, but I pray for the love of God, think of other women who can still cross the path of this man and please do not let happen to them What happened to you.
I know that many have not lost more because They found my blog talking about it, so, give back to God the affection he has treated each one, treating our our neighbor with the same love.
Think about it and do not be afraid, because the professional who is following the case is very competent and above all he is human, and can give you the support you need to face this problem, but most of all remember you are not alone, our Father is on the side of each one of you.

And so He speaks:

The Lord has said:
“These people praise me with their words, but they never really think about me.
They worship me by repeating rules made up by humans. 
 So once again I will do things that shock and amaze them, and I will destroy the wisdom
of those who claim to know and understand.”
15 You are in for trouble, if you try to hide your plans from the LORD!
Or if you think what you do in the dark can't be seen.
16 You have it all backwards.
A clay dish doesn't say to the potter, “You didn't make me.
You don't even know how.” 
Hope for the future
17 Soon the forest of Lebanon will become a field with crops,
thick as a forest with … forest: Or “and Mount Carmel will be covered with forests”.
18 The deaf will be able to hear whatever is read to them; the blind will be freed from a life of darkness.
19 The poor and the needy will celebrate and shout because of the LORD, the holy God of Israel.
20 All who are cruel and arrogant will be gone for ever.
Those who live by crime will disappear, 21 together with everyone who tells lies in court and keeps innocent people from getting a fair trial. 
22 The LORD who rescued Abraham has this to say about Jacob's descendants:
“They will no longer be ashamed and disgraced.
23 When they see how great I have made their nation, they will praise and honour me, the holy God of Israel.
24 Everyone who is confused will understand, and all who have complained will obey my teaching.”

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