segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2017

Save your people, Lord God

The Lord's Invitation
12 The Lord said:
It isn't too late. You can still return to me with all your heart. Start crying and mourning! Go without eating.
13 Don't rip your clothes to show your sorrow. Instead, turn back to me with broken hearts. 
I am merciful, kind, and caring. I don't easily lose my temper, and I don't like to punish.
14 I am the Lord your God.
Perhaps I will change my mind and treat you with mercy.
Then you will be blessed with enough grain and wine for offering sacrifices to me.
15 Sound the trumpet on Zion!
Call the people together.
Show your sorrow by going without food.
16 Make sure that everyone is fit to worship me.
Bring adults, children, babies, and even bring newlyweds from their festivities.
17 Tell my servants, the priests, to cry inside the temple and to offer this prayer
near the altar
“Save your people, Lord God!
Don't let foreign nations make jokes about us.
Don't let them laugh and ask, ‘Where is your God?’