quarta-feira, 5 de julho de 2017

How about a red pill?

Everything that man can not explain ... Better to ignore!
This is how they go about their lives.
Sad, desolate, depressive, trying to fill a void that looks more like a bottomless pit.
They suit the system ... or revolt with it
Could it be that what they believe to be real by simply being able to see and touch was not the illusion?
Do not those who cling to truth do not make them more alienated?
And they go on in their simulated realities
Prioritize in life what they can have nothing
The moment of the one truth arrives without knowing what they really are
Arrogance, prepotency, common and necessary feelings to dribble your fears
The worst is to follow the natural rhythm of life without accepting
Time does not stop and it does not forgive
And what would be offset in personal and unique growth is lost in the limited blindness of what they can see.
And if the question has no answer ... better be quiet
And if in fact I can not take it or feel it ... better believe it does not exist.
How about a red pill?

Rosa Soares

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