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The Invisible World of Women - Page 65

Today Sunday, August 20, 2017, almost three months in silence ... At no point do you think that I stopped or gave up, I will leave a great END at the end of the page when this happens, so you will be warned!

Waiting is not easy, but it's part of our growth ... 
I bring my life and my experiences here, so that you who accompany me do not give up in the face of adversity. I keep saying the stones do not cease to exist because we seek our connection with our Father, but he helps us to divert them and in pain He makes us strong. We need to be, or we turn away from Him because we think we've been abandoned ... We'll never be.
Some ask, He hears, He answers ... but the person does not see, his self pity and his weakness ends up blinding him, this pain of himself destroys him, and in a cowardly way he stop in the middle of the road, then he rebel and blame the God for their miserable life, poor people, just "Coward."
Two things happened to me, even though I do not think I'll have the answer, I search and suddenly He surprises me!
1 - I felt strong pains in my stomach, that was already bothering me and for those who lived what I lived ... I spoke again to God and asked for an answer to calm my heart ... Do not make my go through what I went through, ready to I am not ready to make them suffer, to see who we love as I have seen, knowing that we can do nothing, it is a lot of pain ... and the answer came: Ecclesiasticus 36 - 23 The stomach receives all kinds of food, but one is better than the other ... Me? I cried and smiled at the same time!

2 - As said above, He answers the call but many end up spitting on their own food.
Once again I had to make another decision, I saw that there was nothing else I could do to change the situation, I think that after I had to remove an employee of the company, something changed ... Attitudes of aggression and revolt arose and I did not understand what was happening, but I knew I could not go on ... I called the person and asked for forgiveness for something that I did, even though I did not know what, and if I bothered him so much, one of us had to leave ... I could not. .. And another lay-off. Feeling peace and at the same time a great sadness I looked for answer ... again I am surprised, Ecclesiastic 12 said ...

1 If you do well, know to whom you do it, and you will receive gratitude for your benefits.
2. Do good to the righteous, and you will have a great reward from him, if not from him, at least from the Lord, 3. for there is no good for one who perseveres in evil and gives no alms; For the Most High has a horror of sinners, and shows mercy to those who repent.
Give unto the good man, shelter not the sinner, for God will give the wicked and the sinner what they deserve; He keeps them for the day when he will punish them.
Give to him that is good, and help not the sinner.
6. Do good to a humble man, and give nothing to the wicked; Prevents it from being given bread, lest he become more powerful than you.
7. For you shall find a double evil in all the good that you do to him, for the Most High himself abhors sinners, and exercises vengeance on the wicked.
8. The friend is not known during prosperity, and the enemy can not hide in adversity.
9. When a man is happy, his enemies are sad; It is in disgrace that a friend is recognized.
10. Never trust in your enemy, for his malice is like the rust that always returns in bronze.
11. Even if you humble yourself and walk all submissive, be vigilant and guard against him,
12. Neither let him sit with thee, neither let him sit at thy right hand, lest he desire to take thy place, and take thy place; And that, recognizing at last the veracity of my words, you are wounded by my warnings.
13. Who will take pity on the enchantress bitten by a snake, and of all who come near the beasts? So it is with him who deprives the wicked, and who is involved in his sins.
14. He will stay with you for an hour, but if you become weak, you can no longer restrain yourself.
15. The enemy has sweetness on his lips, while in the heart he lays bows to throw you into the pit.
16. The enemy has tears in his eyes, but if he has opportunity, he will be insatiable of your blood.
17.If evil strikes you, you will find him first;
18. He has tears in his eyes, but pretending to help you, he will give you a scramble.
19. He shall bow his head and clap his hands, and change his countenance, and he shall not cease to whisper.

I actually did what I should do ...

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