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The Invisible World of Woman - Page 83

I just got out of the shower and had no intention of posting anything today, but that voice comes and says I have to talk about it, I do not even know where to start. This voice again I repeat, it is not something inherent to me, everyone has, silence the thought and listen, many call it intuition.

So come on, we used to be part of a group of virtual friends, we met almost every day, we called our corner of peace, there we talked about everything and we felt a good energy in the air, this energy I call love, that made us well, because it was like taking us out of our reality, out of our problems, I think it balanced dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, and oxytocin at the perfect point. I'll talk about these little things while I'm still studying. This made us happy ...

I think not everyone felt the same, because the weather began to get heavy, I and a friend talked a lot and wanted to understand what was happening, you know that story? the troubled ones that move ... because, the situation was becoming unbearable and I mainly began to feel bad with some attitudes, I decided to leave so that others would be well. Some time later, I felt the sadness in my friend, not only her, everyone. One day I was in the office, and a message arrived from a friend who was also part of the group asking me how I was, and I said I was fine, he did not know that I had created my own radio, we started talking when he said I was not part of the group, I cried, I do not know why some things hit me so much, but the news was a shock and I asked the reason, he replied, the same thing that happened to You happened to me, we were not the first and neither we will be the last.

I fought hard not to let the sadness take over, with the radio in the air, gathered these people, made a group in WhatsApp and created a chat room ... We are still together, thank God, respecting and loving each other . But my friend had a problem, heart, stayed a few days off line, I was worried, but I expected her to talk to me, that's when she told me that she had a heart attack and had to have a catheterization, she wanted to talk to me a lot, but could not, and that the problem was still not resolved. She made the broadcast on my radio on June 29, was very happy, but had commented that her fingers were turning purple, she would have to go back to the hospital and that's what happened, until today she has not left. Still in the ICU the doctors trying to get her out of the machines ....

I believe that what the voice wants me to say is that love heals, and that's what I felt, something big was happening and was stopped. But I keep fighting, keeping all my thoughts in her smile and believing in that healing through love.


Page 83

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