domingo, 11 de outubro de 2015

The Invisible World of Women - Page 10

There are certainly no coincidence or luck, everything happens as it must happen, and without losing my humility from the beginning here I am once again confirming I'm not anything or anyone, all I got was given me by God.
Before returning to the subject of our friend and how Nadir helped me, I want to tell you one more work of God, my search for answers while strength to keep me alive was very large, but something drove me and told me I could not give up the fight and I also was not alone if I surrender myself to all sorrow and disappointment I felt, it would be the end of me ...
My life had to go on, I still had to keep the office running, after all were six employees who depended on It ... they depend on me.
With very high costs of transport for getting me to my job I saw that needed to change, but my window I looked Alfredo (car) .... trembled... trauma!  (deeply distressing)
I decided to ask the watchman of the building to teach me to drive. When I left my town I had purchased a Ford KA used, but only had time to take my  driver's license, because I moved to Salvador, and left It there, I thought I did not bring it, we already had one, and as I mentioned, we  did not not parted, where I was sure Edu as well, so he drove, it was convenient for me. Not to mention that right away took dick in half clutch, the city that I live today only has slopes (laughs), so best left quiet ... I thought.
But now I needed to do something because it could not afford the cost of the taxi, I needed to end.
On the appointed day, a Sunday, we took the car in the morning (I and the watchman) and went to a more quiet neighborhood, getting there sat in the driver's seat and to summarize brought the car home.
Finally, remember the University? As I entered? Overcome my fears, again it was not my merit.
I started driving to work, and every day I entered the car, I invited my father asking, will you come with me? I can not do it alone ...
Put a song that spoke of Him and I,  actually have a CD, I won the wife of an employee, if I'm not mistaken has more than 300 songs that speak of us, always wondered, like this father? I think we heard more together was resurrected me, says the following:
Master I need a miracle
Transformed my life, my state
Long time I did not see the light of day
They are trying to bury my joy
Trying to see my dreams canceled
Lazarus heard Your voice, when the stone removed
After four days he revived
Master there is none that can do
What only your name has all power
I need as much of a miracle
Remove my stone, calls me by name
Change my story, revives my dreams
Transformed my life, makes me a miracle
Touch me at that time, called me out
Resurrects me
You are life itself, the strength in me
You are the Son of God, Who exalted me to win
Lord of everything in me, as I hear your voice
Calling me to live, a history of power!
How many times I left the office and could not hold back the tears, I was afraid that the traffic officers stopped me and told me that I was not able to drive.
The thing was so complicated that even panic attacks I had, I lacked air ...
It was a day this agony, fell to my knees and cried, my Father in the name of your son Jesus help me .... I ask forgiveness for everything I've done, even by what I do not remember, but it takes me this agony. Right now like a movie in my head it went something that happened to me in the past ... and I remembered .... and said, remembered Father! Forgive me, at that moment I felt something not yet felt ... and I was overcome by such a great peace ...
I had so many times, I have and I still have them in the future, because even if we have faith, we are human, we are subject to them, the important thing is we do not get lost in them.

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